Digging history at old St Pancras

Although it was not my favourite subject at school, I’ve become more fascinated with antiquity as the years have passed! A knowledge of local London history makes my surroundings that much more vivid and so I could not pass up the purchase of some old prints from Holborn library.
st pancras old church printRiddled with historical and literary associations, the original St Pancras church is notable as the city’s oldest Christian site of worship and is still gathering congregants into the fold. In this sedate scene, people are visiting for the sake of recreation, just as today, the churchyard is one of my favourite sauntering haunts. I’ve come to know it quite intimately and thus instantly recognised some of the details in the 1789 print.

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No longer prominently placed besides the path, the ornate tomb has lost its top decor, as well as having obviously sunk and tilted sideways. The writing has faded beyond readability but I know now that it is still standing after at least 224 years,.
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Chuch of Old St Pancras