the snag

scarred snag of tree in woodland

marked by cloven clamouring
insatiable satyrs and the pursuer, Pan
resistance etched in your scarring
dyed-in-the-wood maiden

hand-in-hand with nemesis goes
the worm through fleshy underside
stripping bark, sickening the rose, *
dryad choice of bride or suicide

masked foresters and their careless hands
armoured in dismembering chains
shall scatter to the meadowlands
sawdust and firewood remains

yet cloaked in woodland the snag persists
keeping solitary naked trysts
© Laura Granby 2015

With a bow and a nod to William Blake* , am joining in with Poetry Pantry on Sunday.

37 Comments on “the snag

  1. Whew. Vivid and intense. Especially the worm through flesh. I think what was most striking was the thought they were doing a good thing.


  2. I’ve read back through a few posts and would have left you more comments, but your comments are closed on all but the most recent post. Anyway, I’m absolutely giddy over having found you. I love your work.


  3. Love the first stanza in particular and that final line, “keeping solitary naked trysts” is brilliant too 🙂


    • thank you – its interesting how the stanzas change whilst I try to hang on to the thread 😉 needed that last stanza to hold it in place


  4. Somehow the snag remains to tell us of our own folly as wells as myths and legends.. lot of stories there. Ha, the poetry writing on a Sunday was an interesting connection to what I had written,

    Liked by 1 person

  5. they have Midas touch – sadly it doesn’t end up turning to gold


  6. I need to think about this a little longer. In the meantime, the poem and the photo are perfect companions. The tree is still standing, and the poem is paying it homage.


  7. Yes indeed, all there to be seen (or envisioned).


  8. This piece certainly left me with more questions and shadows – perfect for those of us you love the forest of fairy tale thoughts…


    • thank you! cannot help but wonder what will become of this rather fine piece of deadwood – perhaps a little pessimistic for the future so made the present more palatable


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