beneath your feet

fishpool hoard at British museum/golden fallen leavesgolden treasure
fished from Fishpool*
ignominiously brought to earth
workmen forged a building site
of the Shire’s medieval hearth

deep within the Sherwood forest
cached the jewels and noble coin
cast into the ditch like pewter
for fear of loot or loot itself
when the roses were at war

to be rendered unto Caesar
as peace settled up the victor
but none such came to stake the claim
five hundred years of dormancy
in good fortune’s waiting game

then the sixties swung the decade
in peace-pipe post-war,  booming fashion
construction broke the hideaway
hit the jackpot of discovery
glinting in the light of day

for gilt we’ve dug and fought and died
but gold falls to our feet at autumn tide

© Laura Granby 2015

* The Fishpool Hoard – British Museum

Inspired by the weekly photo challenge: “beneath your feet

2 Comments on “beneath your feet

    • to see the hoard is to be overawed!


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