Seeing red

red stag in rut - polaroid poems 'seeing red'lit with hues of flame and amber
the Fall ignites pyrexic fervour
stags staccato hormone rush
scorch the burning spindle bush
charge on hot and smoky breath
the challenge even unto death

horn on horn October’s clamour
scars the grass with hoof and antler
stamping, tilting  tournament
crashes through the firmament
belly deep the ireful rut
thrust and burn and undercut

herded hinds are all a quiver
safe in knowledge of the winner

Internet glitches put a damper on this entry – belatedly joining Wednesday’s MidWeek Motif: Fire


  1. Just recently a friend posted pics of a stag burn on Facebook, so I had that in mind reading this. Love the sense of fire here in the marking of territory and challenge, in the rutting, in the time of year. Love the end couplet too–a surety that the herd will have a buck in charge.


    1. belated response Susan – sorry missed this – the sounds and antics go with the fiery hues of autumn leaves – thank you for your words as was not sure about the ending – its tame but the does are the opposite of fire!


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