seaweed garden - polaroid poemThere are gardens built on bedrock in the sea
weed-strewn by all accounts
I’ll never venture by volition
there beyond the depth of waist
sunk like a submarine

Gardens of rest sprout along the ocean floor
vertical voyagers stopped mid-passage
and old salts whitening their smiles
further afield, a sprinkling of barnacled silhouettes
ruins all akimbo like Gothic follies

A treasury dug deep into sea beds
downed by storm and waving wreckers
covetous consignments decked in metal of Midas
cyphered plans, captains’ logs and old world maps
a sea-grass tangle of centuries

Birds flap their fins and glide through the garden
in warm whirlpools raptors circle
carrion crews clean the current
shoals, wheel, turn and swoop in silver murmuration
for there is sky even in the shallows

On the tide lines a perpetual rise and fall of relics
those aiming too high for light of day
netted, scavenged and gasping for air

Some free versifying this Sunday as I join the many talents stored up at  Poetry Pantry

32 Comments on “Seabed

  1. I have imagined these gardens too. 🙂


  2. “I’ll never venture by volition
    there beyond the depth of waist”

    Nor I. You have added to my imaginings of that garden, that grave and junkyard we feed to the fishes on the bottom of the sea.


    • love to be by the sea, not in it much and not on it for fear of drowning Susan – though as a child intrigued by Hans and Lotte Hass who brought us the wonders of the deep in black and white


  3. The oceans do harbor such treasures being birthplace of so much on earth. I love your crisp vocabulary and imagery in this stunning poem.


  4. ‘those aiming too high for light of day’ … but some gasping for air outside the water….just thoughts about being thyself ~ thanks for inviting in this sea garden of pearl like words….


  5. Alliteration moves this poem as if we were in those waves at sea….I saw 2 gardens here. One of ocean plants on the shore and surface and one of wrecks and debris strewn about by the never ending waves…..absolutely fabulous Laura!


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