Walking the waters

boats_newriverIf I were Jesus
I would walk on water too
not for sensational splash headlines
just the feel of droplets unpeeling underfoot
lightness of being on surface tension
the way a breeze tests tensile struts of spider webs

waterstriders do the walk on buoyant feet
all two hundred and forty two insectas skate
to nowhere in particular it seems
aquatic birds paddle-slap short lengths til wing borne
or slide the level plane in wave-buckling returns
and in spheres of suffocation, we too can tread water
like desperate hamsters in a wheel, lest we drown

but I make do with walking the waters
perambulating pools, skirting seashores
or as the parallel pedestrian in riparian zones
past moorings and the limitations of boats beyond the navigable
befriended by the constant camaraderie of  river

I’ve gone where the bournes are born
followed downstream the widening gathering pace
to see them vanish in an evangelic dash to baptism

© Laura Granby 2015

Uniting with poets on the theme of Rivers for the Midweek Motif

37 thoughts on “Walking the waters

    1. thank you Sanaa – the merging can be viewed as a death so the baptism was an optimistic note that referenced the first line too 🙂

  1. the way a breeze tests tensile struts of spider webs
    whew! What images!
    And yet making do with the nearby friendship of the river also has its beauty.
    Thank you for this poem.

  2. I especially liked the glimpse of waterstriders, who fascinate me with their ability to walk on water. I, too, must content myself on shore. An enjoyable read, Laura.

    1. thank you – especially love the river journeys on foot – having walked a few to or from their beginnings (including the Thames) one becomes aware of this companionship

  3. There is beauty in either walking on or walking in or walking near the river. I most liked your first stanza, I must admit — thinking about what it might be like walking ON water like Jesus. And then the comparison to the water strider — inspired!

    1. imagining how it might have felt Mary – each foot-stepping for the man who was used to walking dusty roads

  4. Oh! How it must be to be a water strider! The first stanza blew me away, totally. The thought of feeling the water under our feet instead of around or on top. Being near or in water just makes me feel special. This is a special poem indeed.

    1. on a hot day, I have stopped to dangle my feet in the river and wished I could walk on water! thank you for your lovely comment

  5. “the constant camaraderie of river” you’ve captivated the river’s soul here…beautiful…image of water striders reminds me of Dynamo, the magician…

    1. and you were the inspiration with this theme that set the poem in motion – thank you

  6. I especially love the opening lines
    “…just the feel of droplets unpeeling underfoot
    lightness of being on surface tension…”
    – I could most definitely envision myself walking on water and almost felt the droplets and the surface tension!

    1. especially when contrasted with the aqua sphering/zorbing referred to in 2nd stanza – thank you Kiki

  7. Such a profound poem – yes..put like that walking on water would be a wonderful thing…paddle-slap is also a new and wonderful expression for me – thank you!

  8. What a wonderful poem and original viewpoint! ‘just the feel of droplets unpeeling underfoot’ makes me go all gooey at the imagined sensation.

    1. one of those ones that flowed for me Donna – so glad you enjoyed the journey – thank you!

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