Line break


breaking the tide line
seawater curls smooth lathery lips
over a jagged shelf, shingle and shells
tucked under the breach, it arrives

edges closer curious as a calf
trembling and torn between hoof
and scintillating scent of the salty hand
with nothing to taste but the wind

or at times a frothing bull, its rage
vengeful in cold blue-greens
only to perish pitifully on the sand
tossed by the last wave’s faena *

the great heaving mass gapes in places
where solids protest an imperceptible
slip-slide embrace, convolutions
dispossessing difficulties

outermost inwards, the artist pulls
all directions of paradox til a doppelgänger
sets solid, hot fluid, unshakable metal
breaking the mould of sea form
© Laura Granby 2015

* a series of final passes leading to the kill made by the matador

1. Culture & Anarchy: The Poetry of Form inspired by Barbara Hepworth

2. BFI video – poetic portrait of sculptor Barbara Hepworth : Figures in a Landscape

Celebrating Hepworth’s curvaceous patina sculpture and by coincidence something for the daily prompt: The Artist’s Eye
and joining the circle of Poets United for some final lines before the Christmas break


  1. What a dance this is…a flow of image and thought that is so finely crafted…i like the feeling of several stories running together coherently carries on..carries us along i suppose ..stunning poem very much complimenting the Barbara Hepworth sculpture


  2. This the most visceral and colourful write of the night so far from me – loved it… Beautifully rendered… With Best Wishes Scott


  3. Ah, the lips of the sea, as a curious calf and a raging bull. Of course, I think of Proteus. That must be how he was born! Marvelous!
    “. . . the artist pulls
    all directions of paradox …”


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