on ice


buoyed yet not
simply afloat

a lone dry branchlet
contours catching sunlight

held quite fast
by the midnight frost

deep shades of slate
and the thinnest of pond crust

anticipating movement
in the melt

Trialling some WYSIWYG discipline of ‘imagism’ from a DVerse prompt
and offering up something for this Sunday’s  Poetry Pantry

27 thoughts on “on ice

    1. the sparsity of the photo looked like it might help me create the image in words – thank you

  1. Some brave (or foolhardy) soul might venture out on that “thinnest of pond crust,” do you suppose? 😉

  2. On thin ice is tenuous and yet there is a fragile beauty in this poem – i particularly love how the image marries and ‘deep shades of slate and the thinnest of pond crust’

    1. a struggle to pare poems to the bone in imagism!
      compare to Blunden’s ‘Midnight Skaters’:
      “Then is not death at watch
      Within those secret waters ?
      What wants he but to catch
      Earth’s heedless sons and daughters ?
      With but a crystal parapet”….

  3. I like the metaphoric touch. Sometimes we too are held fast by ‘frost’ (of whatever type), as we anticipate movement come spring…. We know it will come, but when?

  4. First, the image is striking of the branchlet frozen in time. Once the ice melts it will be free to float away. Winter does feel like that as we wait for the arrival of spring buds.

  5. Love this Laura…as always an intriguing image that keeps us spellbound as your words pour over us to complete the spell! The opening and ending lines could be their own poem! I hope you are well my friend….

    1. Like the idea of spellbound as it conjures the stillness of this image ps am bearing up well thank you Donna – like this branch!

  6. You definitely can join the rank of imagists, Laura. I also enjoyed your use of alliteration. Maybe that was not conscious, but it’s so fun when that happens. So glad you linked.

    1. Many thanks Victoria – that pleases me as is such a good discipline – the alliteration intentional – it’s a habit that trips off the tongue!

  7. I love your images, both photographic and poetic. I like that you find beauty in the small and apparently inconsequential – a beauty which is there to be found, and I think is well worthy of note.

    1. well-spotted and thank you Rosemary – the city can be so unlovely that it trains the eye to look longer and further

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