saint sentiment


What have saints to do with lovers
theirs the agony of agape and martyrs*

Valentine, the poet says, is strictly for the birds**
this day next season presses hard
such urgency and sweet mustering of mate
forever – or a fleet polygamous state

Rosie in red dress scents affection
loiters longer than the core condition
written in chambers of  prenup passion

two lobes and vermilion pigment
percussive organ instrument
a crudely pointed rudiment

loosely transparent is Rosie’s habit
heart on sleeve the sensual hermit
one or other paid  the forfeit

amid persuasion and procurement
amaranth a blooded figment
predictable death by denouement

This day Rosie listens on repeat
an unsettled old score-sheet
between interlude and introductory beat

there the grand pause for enchantment 
quickening sections of musical movement
a simple saccharine C Major sentiment

What have saints to do with flowers
and  chocolate – theirs an agony of briers
mine the decay of sugar soft centres

© Laura Granby 2016

*agape (say a-ga-pay) – selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love
** Valentine day first made mention in Chaucer’s “The Parliament of Birds

More impressionistic than rhythmic, and putting something overly sweet into Poetry Pantry


  1. As ever a complex, explorative and engaging poem – i particularly liked when you shift gear and we meet Rosie – she seems to bring the ideas to a crimson rose in best bloom..quite brilliantly..


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