Look down

emotography - look out

London blocks the view with buildings
Look up! cranes constructing more and higher still
Look out! pedestrians like bumper cars
the ambulant mobile-mesmerised
Observe the signs of instruction
cluttering streets, zombies
guided here to there with directions
Watch the rushing feet, weaving a fast lane
through the muddled mass of Londoners
Look down and see the pavements open up
mirror art picturing the world around
– puddles are our horizon

© Laura Granby 2016

Postscript: Leaving London for a few days in search of another city!

Joining with Claudette’s emotography event – pictures that move words!

11 Comments on “Look down

    • thank you Beth – am a puddleophile!


  1. Love it Laura, thanks for joining in. Mostly we seem to only look straight ahead and never get the full view of life.


    • thank you Donna – these impressionistic words just flowed to the image of a London puddle!


  2. For the same reason as already stated, it looks like a portal leading to another world.. great catch !


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