Sea salt

sea salt poem - sunset tree photoart
source -@hanginguptodry – the mainstay

Land lubber
ashore with the trees
rope-soled soul
sees boats haul
sailcloth crack and voyagers
buffeted windward

a gold horizon
sea fever*
jack tar tales
spillage on troubled waters
deep oblivion

Hunker down
lest I dive headlong
tide driven
wave ridden
trade wind borne from troposphere
afore wake of fear

© Laura Granby 2016

*I learnt to recite as a very young child – John Masefield’s ‘Sea Fever


Inspired by today’s photoart and trying for the first time, the syllable stricture of a shadorma (3/5/3/3/7/5) with a sea salt tale for ‘Poetry Pantry
[and I hope to try out Wednesday’s prompt: “A flower was offered to me….”]

32 thoughts on “Sea salt

  1. I picture hand over hand pulling in rope..finding shore..a wonderful flow and sensory poem – also very good to hunker down and not be pulled away

    1. as always you have a keen eye Jae Rose- the association of being bound by rope and the use of rope for sailing away!

  2. Love how well this speaker knows herself… Even while sailing uncertain waters, she remembers to focus on her motivation, doesn’t forget what might make push her away from her path… The tone is also brilliant. I can almost hear the speaking taking one measure breath at a time, hands tight around her lifeline, eyes and heart on her objective.

  3. Bound by rope, bound by the words in this – Sea Fever is a wonderful poem and this poem of yours is an excellent tribute. The rhythm of this is like the sea, like the hand-over-hand of pulling rope. I truly enjoyed.

    1. glad you mentioned rhythm because was uncertain about how the stanzas did not flow equally but then again the sea is not the metronomic sound we hear as it comes to shore 🙂

    1. could not resist that alliteration but it does also describe the land/sea tussle of the poet – and the artistic prompt was my own so I easily knew what that image meant for me!

  4. I too would have to follow story and waves into the water before fear stops me–fear being a rope stronger than what it takes to tie a boat.

    1. it was all due to needing 7 syllables in that line and the word fitted with the weather system that bore the poem landward!

    1. very succinctly said Sumana – the poet is ‘sitting on the fence’ between urges

  5. I always have an urge to be aboard a boat and sail away. I think it is inbred from having sailors in the family’s past. You have written such a great poem.

    1. thank you OE – no old salts in my family and perhaps that is the reason for such deliberation – its like the call of the wild by a fireside

  6. ‘…. and all I ask is a tall ship / and a star to steer her by’. I was brought up on it too. 🙂

    1. “To the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife;”

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