Just another Twitter quitter

“tweet-tweet” is for the birds

Just as Lent is coming to an end I’ve decided to give something else up – Twitter to be precise. Other than tweeting mine or others’ blog posts and checking in every so often to see if I’ve missed anything, it’s a social media outlet I consider virtually useless – (what a perfectly apt subtext those two words make).

Not least do I dislike the trending storms-in-a-teacup, the trolls and bullying, the socio-political controls of the masses by the masses for the masses, the twaddly updates on hot-air elevated nobodies celebs and most of all, the facile, infantile responses to tragic world events. [oops I’ve broken the conditions of this blog’s manifesto by being so frank but “needs must when the devil drives” or some such reason.]

Personally if I’d lost loved ones or my legs in an atrocity I would find the platitudes, group hugs, teddy piles, chalked messages, illuminated landmarks etc  a downright insulting response to my plight and none more so than the hashtag support and overlaid profiles of tweeters. Do people seriously believe that all these trending tweets will have any effect at all? Apparently so as here is a typical tweet from yesterday:-

I’ve heard of turning the other cheek but I’m afraid the sword is mightier than the word.

Anyway not only can I do  without social media but I can live in the real world without it. First to be discarded was Facebook, then Instagram and now Twitter – little by little I’m releasing myself back to actual social networking and relegating the virtual ones to the delete button.

Of course I could have just gone quietly but we all like to have the last word  #justsayin 🙂

“Your account is now deactivated.
Your account will be permanently deleted in 30 days.”

Thank you Twitter and bye-bye birdie.

Postscript: I have my blogs but that’s between me and them and a small, select group of followers – thank-you by the way.

6 thoughts on “Just another Twitter quitter

    1. does not surprise me Diana – you are far too sensible and pre-occupied with new False Bay garden

  1. Probably a good move.
    I have to admit I use Twitter – and far more than Facebook, but lately I am not even managing to post daily. I certainly don’t get involved with all the hashtag campaigns and jumping on bandwagons.
    Mostly I just share links to nature or archaeology stories online after reading them in the newspapers. And partly for my own reference later.
    To think when Twitter began I read EVERY tweet that came my way, every day. That way madness lies!
    I regret, though, that I have been neglecting the blogs I follow on WordPress Reader, like yours. I look at those I follow by email, as I receive a reminder every time, but I forget Reader! I have resolved to do better.
    Happy Easter 🙂

    1. thanks for all your feedback Pat – I rely heavily on Reader and have missed your blog since I’ve not come up with a tree to follow this year p.s. we both have Dorset roots

  2. I’ve been feeling the same way about Facebook. Actually, I have two Facebook accounts, and the one for gardening people is great. The personal one seems to stream more selfies and bragging than I’d like. I don’t use Twitter for personal use, but it has been very helpful in developing professional contacts. I understand your points, though. I’ve been trying to cut way back on social media, too. It’s become so tiring, and as you say, it’s time away from real people. The blogs and contacts there are real people. Cheers! Happy Easter!

    1. Beth the best people in social media are gardeners – you and and all the above included. Our Blotanical days forged some great virtual friendships

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