Easter haibun – risen

photoart source @hanginguptodry – Risen

It was the bird that made it all come clear. At first the silhouette was undistinguished from the foreground shadowing but once my eyes were accustomed to the gloom,  it had evidently been there all the time, roosting amongst bare branches. Rather sleek, with a beak firmly closed; a distinctly silent messenger. Neither corvid nor dove but something akin to a sunbird perhaps. After all it too is there – the solar disc; some while after daybreak and emitting from the eastern horizon, a warm sienna cast for a woodland scene.

I follow the direction of the bird, through the tracery of twig and canopy and can see a most unique house. Very tall with an arch doorway and roof with distinctive triangular flaps, like a traditional Dutch lace cap. And behind the bokeh blur of sun, an unmistakable cross and spire ascends to the heavens carrying the hopes and aspirations of the Spring renewal.

Archive images relegated for trash are superimposed one upon another and meld into murkiness. Tweaks and edits bring forth the shapes which the gestalt tendency of mind fixes to the canvas. And from such roots, the spirit rises in symbols.

trees summon the bud
tipped bronze by gathering light
wishing I could paint

Taking inspiration from my photoart for an Easter haibun (of sorts) and joining Poetry Pantry



33 thoughts on “Easter haibun – risen

  1. You paint beautifully with words..so much so that i was transported to than magical glen and could feel the life in that bird

    1. The image literally rose out of multiple overlays in picasa so really appreciate your words Donna

  2. I like the contrasts between the clarity of the bird and the bokeh blur and it all coming down to making you wish that you could paint. Lovely pondering piece.

  3. Aren’t we all do wish we could paint… you’ve got some lovely experience out in the open. Wonderful capture of the bird as it sits there before your eyes. 🙂

    1. Some of us can paint & some just try it with words – thank you for your comment

  4. Even if we can’t paint our eyes take it in and luckily like you we can put in to words as beautiful as any painting.

    1. many thanks for that Kerry – your comment inspired me to write for the Imaginary Garden today 😉

    1. I do love words but envy and admire the gift of painting ultimately – still, making the best of what we have is good enough!

    1. trying not to make the last ‘meaningful murmur’ a complaint Rosemary

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