In vein, the wayfaring tree
maps out pilgrim paths;
a wandering cuckoo leaves


Joining Chèvrefeuille for the haiku challenge with double entendre of words i.e. vein/vain & leave(s)/leaf

Also taking my leave of London shortly – not a pilgrim route but walking in Spain nevertheless – north-east of last year’s trek:
In the shadow of the Guadarrama 

6 thoughts on “leave

    1. liked it so much just had to slip into ‘scratchpad theme’ & most commenters would need air mail 😉 besides it reminds me that blogging is not slogging but fun

    1. Thank you Beth! Love this shrubby tree – often found on our lanes – viburnum lantana – apt too as am way faring in Spain tomorrow

    1. thanks Donna am back now and just getting back into the swing of the blogosphere so will catch up soon

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