Yellow azaleas

Such bold chromaticity summons a word search
citrine, canary or golden aurulent
yellow is too weak-kneed to grasp the vivid
enfeebled by cowardice and a furtive recreant

feasting my eyes I hunger also for a lexicon
that conceives an aromatic fragrance
scenting the mot juste between stench and odour
with a jaundiced pungency of remembrance

In China azalea is the ‘thinking of home’ flower
and lost among acres of lurid hue
when the Spring bubbled up in champagne
a lily-livered teen turned black with blue

Choosing ‘yellow’ as I join Real Toads with the word family prompt of antonyms and synonyms: Kerry says – let’s visit the family
And later I’ll be popping into Poetry Pantry to re-unite with other versifiers

16 thoughts on “Yellow azaleas

  1. I don’t think i have ever seen yellow azaleas, and you are right, they deserve a better word than yellow. I really admire this poem from start to finish. So many strong words in a full range of emotions. Thank you for participating.

    1. and thank you for the prompt – fun exploring how one word leads to another sometimes with different connotations

    1. thank you Beth – do you grow these?
      just a girl’s memory of new school and losing herself in yellow azaleas – the smell of homesickness!

  2. The play of synonyms here are like petals which spread back to reveal successively more plush interiors, until what it is most like is also a way to describe what it most isn’t — the ennui of “thinking of home” become something suicidal, artery become vein, something yellow become through its more lavish expressions something “black with blue.” No wonder Rilke wrote all those poems about roses, and then had his epitaph read “O Rose, inexhaustible.” Amen.

    1. Brendan your commentary is like a poem with such an understanding of these yellow azaleas – the Rilke quote is a perfect Amen!

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