The silence bug

the silence bug - polaroid poem

Oh I’m a poor sleeper, catch me a dream
the silence bug has swallowed the scream

we’ve all been bitten by it
but there’s no twice shy when the muse goes mute
a wretched occurrence of recurring brain fever
sans thought, sans vision, sans senses,
sansculotte anarchy from the beginning of the word

Oh I’m a dry poet, throw me a line
the silence bug has withered the vine

the quietus virus records nothing sound
not  voices from beyond nor switched on neural networks
only the melee of a lexicon in murmuration
pealing white noise in decibels that drone on
just beyond reach of human ears

Oh I’m a word weaver, give me some thread
the silence bug has hollowed my head

without simmer of sensation, words emerge turgid
dip the bucket, cast the nets, look further afield
in pastoral scenes I’ll sort swineherd dung for pearls
tear apart books of poetry like butterfly wings
if only for an ode of iridescent dust

© Laura Granby

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Pray Silence

*With thanks to Brendan @ Oran’s Well for the titular inspiration as I find my voice again for Poetry Pantry

25 thoughts on “The silence bug

    1. sometimes it just needs a two word prompt to undam the damned blockage – thank you for your very encouraging comment

  1. It’s funny how the silence bug can creep in and deliver some mighty fine words – as ever clever, erudite and wry – sansculotte anarchy will haunt me with a smile…and that silent scream..well..with a well worn scream – fine writing and glad you have found your voice..

    1. sometimes requires a revolution to get things moving again! you always leave such brilliant comments – thank you Jae-Rose
      – p.s. just caught up with your PU interview after having some time out – a very fine pair of poets you and Alice

  2. Ah yes, I have been bitten by that silence bug many a times! It is no fun to be a ‘dry poet.’ I think this is a poem many can identify with…and expressed SO well.

    1. perhaps dry is the default and we just need a spark to fire up or a few drops to quench – thank you Mary!

  3. Though this was quite a remarkable piece of work.. especially love “Oh I’m a word weaver, give me some thread the silence bug has hollowed my head..” Beautifully executed.

    Lots of love,

    1. thank you Sanaa for that beautiful comment – that second voice that intersperses came when I thought I’d almost finished the poem

  4. Oh I love this as it trips so lively off my tongue and especially the 2 refrains between the stanzas…How I feel those too….so much so that I write in spurts. I will write first drafts of up to 10 poems in a day, when the spirit and muse move me. Then I come back to them and rewrite a bit, and finish posts for several weeks. I have yet to write on the spur of the moment with a prompt. I admire those who do.

    So glad you have found your voice again Laura!

    1. never quite sure if those drafts are seeds to be sown or trash to be thrown – they sit gathering dust for quite a while. Perhaps you are more of a poet whilst I’m a wordist waiting for a wordle or two digs in the ribs 😉

  5. If I could write a poem like this when bitten by the silence bug (which I have been since late winter, sigh), I would not worry one bit. So many gorgeous images……..I .loved every line!

    1. What a lovely, generous comment Sherry – very encouraging to one who was so stuck.

      In your last poem you’re waiting to take flight! One of the things I like about the poetry blogosphere are the prompts, word challenges and different poetic forms. They give us something new to cut our teeth on and novelty freshens the Muse!

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