(1) The sculpture

Ugly with sin and savage as an infidel
seed of a sorceress in league with a devil
yet lord of this Island by a mother’s will
she who’d ask the moon at times to make the tides stand still

Outcast illusionist stole the stony citadel
fatherly, masterly, held me in his thrall
commander of windfall, rainfall and sea squall
all his earthly whims I run and fetch and crawl

Pale-skinned seashell, Miranda demoiselle
long limbed,  half-sister, softer than gazelle
I bring pig nuts, crabs and muscatel
dalliance dispelled as sibling bagatelle

Snake in the grass, that elemental Ariel
reported a rapacious grasp when the apple fell
vile violation, repellant as the stench of hell
desire for mortal lineage, the breaking of the spell


(ii) the sculptor

Out of a stony heart and devilry
your ugliness was chiseled
ears of an ass, thrice mastered
and still chained to Prospero
upholding the weights of shame
your island nature castaway
I’ve made you muscled as a man
with downcast eyes – such a one as myself
still crying to dream again

Allusions to Browning’s epic poem: Caliban upon Setebos – needs time to read and for further understanding there’s Academia analysis

breathing life into the sculpture and posted for today’s prompt ‘Chisel me a conversation’ at dVerse