ah the language of passion flowers!
– missionaries favour figurative embodiment
a saviour’s suffering compacted into parable
for pagan eyes with foreign tongues
parting the erotic of exotic Passiflora caerulea
there the Roman’s lance, here a stigmata
an ovary secluded as holy grail
how true! but one more readily located
than a search by knight crusaders
and the crown of thorns of course is everywhere
yet even Darwin must have wondered
if a God’s enthusiasm for conundrums
was not manifested in such a creation

through the cerulean vines I hear a sonata in F minor
by a tempestuous composer with an ear for pathos
the budding artist – but how everything withers in the bud*
– with imaginary pencil traces trigeminal leaves
hung with tiny goblets to catch the bluest paint drips
and fills fruit cups with an intense golden tang
more prosaic is the gardener’s enthusiasm
considers a rampant showy climber until cutting a tendril
sees from the singularity of a stem vase
an armatured rhapsody  in blue

© Laura Granby

*Gudrun’s quote from Women in Love – D. H. Lawrence

©Image @ ABSA

A  botanical Tale Weaver Prompt: Passiflora cerulae

8 thoughts on “Apassionata

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your response to the TW prompt Laura 🙂

    I was totally drawn in and swept along (almost furiously – in an energetic sense) by the way you’ve explored this image/idea prompt.

    there the Roman’s lance, here a stigmata
    an ovary secluded as holy grail

    if a God’s enthusiasm for conundrums
    was not manifested in such a creation

    What images and ideas!

    And I have to admit – the second stanza has me enthralled. Totally wrapped up and caught up in the ideas you’re exploring. Wonderful 🙂

    1. your prompt brought out a wildchild’s passion -thank you for your lovely, lovely comment ❤

    1. love that description of its rampancy Diana – perhaps that is the truer meaning of its passion label!

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