An atramentous syrup

Who wouldn’t be gloomy and morose
bile black as nimbus clouds
a fugitive from relentless rain
and whether we argue for proof of climate change
or random servings over an intemperate isle
here on the threshold I’m sick with hesitation

yet weather cannot be permitted to obstruct
or grant me a picker’s licence
it’s cordial not atrabilious concentrate I’m after
slipping through mud puddles like a cerise gastropod
gaily waterproofed from head to wellington boot
I harvest blue-black globules of elderberry
– what lengths we urban folk contrive
bottling the dream of a wayfaring forager

Using 11 words and adding ‘atrabilous’ to my  lexicon with thanks to Wordle #114 


11 Comments on “An atramentous syrup

  1. Atrabilious – not a word I’m drawn to – the less so after looking it up. But love your multi-imaged wayside harvest in the rain. Chimes with 3 days of much-rain in Wales. We just had to go out in it and hope for the best, and here and there the best happened 🙂


    • dare I say the sun has peeked (out) after gushing gutterfuls all morning – with many thanks Tish from this atrabilious Londoner dreaming of Wales

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  2. what lengths we urban folk contrive
    bottling the dream of a wayfaring forager

    Even in the safe environs of urban living one still has to be wary of not being too outgoing. Very true Linda!



    • Did you mean Laura Hank? Many urbanites long to go far out!


    • you are far from dark and moody Beth so no need to know this novel word! lovely comment Beth ❤


  3. Atrabilous, you made me look it up. I’m going to try to attach a puzzle for you, which I hope isn’t atrabilous.


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