Honey for your thoughts

Signposts point everywhere
but that’s the problem – which way was my way
without a map of destiny
no carrot, no firework behind
still in dreams I race to the crossroads
before three vampires can consume me

Mr Right Way would put me on the right road
there he was in my mind’s eye,
in the penny dreadful romance, from film noirs
caught in the arc light of my father’s dark eyes
with halloween candle and mirror at midnight I’d foreseen
only a rather tired and terrified version of myself
but he was there all right – Mr Right On
although having morphed from Mr 9-5 into a Hey Man
what was a girl to think ?

I thought I just had to be a believer
no faith in stuff and nonsense
accumulating widsom like my grandmother
read Schopenhauer, Marx  and existential poets
live in a houseboat, smoke pot and raise children
the kind who would not devour the world in wants

Death still has the sting
but I’m wised up to life as a much sweeter place
I should have gathered honey instead

© Laura Granby


I felt it necessary to see what this collage could inspire since I composed it for MLMM  Writing Prompt #167
and to enjoy more Sunday versifying am joining up with  Poetry Pantry

40 thoughts on “Honey for your thoughts

    1. appreciate that comment Kim as try to allow the shape to settle into whatever form – the ending is sweet for a change

    1. thank you for those lovely words and for the chance to do my own collage as prompt – it’s a tough one to keep coming up with so appreciate your efforts even more!

        1. hope it has helped out – (and forgotten what collage looks like so at least no head start with the challenge 😉 )

  1. I loved reading about this journey, and the hint of world weariness with which I completely resonate. I most love the quote at the top of your collage. Smiles.

    1. Oh dear Sherry even when I’m being sweet the world weariness shows through 😉

  2. But if you had gathered honey would you be who you are? Signposts and signals abound and yet somehow the right direction seems elusive perhaps a sign with ‘you will get there eventually and in your own way’ is the most accurate.

  3. Interesting progression in this poem. I think we all search for that “Mr. Right Way,” and hopefully each of us finds our own Right way as we travel through life. Hard nowadays to raise children who do not devour the world in wants, it seems. And indeed gathering honey as one lives seems like the best way!

    1. Thank you Mary – I like the notion of progression in this rather than just a stream of consciousness!

  4. Though I am behind, i will catch up as I hate to miss any of your poems Laura….such magic in every line…and I had to chuckle as I shook my head, yes, yes in so many places. Of course when i read the ending lines, I just thought, ‘brilliant’…yes I too am thinking life is so much sweeter especially if we gather honey.

    You did a fabulous job creating a poem for this collage….

    1. We are often in tune! Thanks for stopping by Donna as know you are as busy as the proverbial insect

  5. What a beautiful and sensible post and a joy to read. One of the beauties in life is not conforming but being oneself otherwise we will have regrets.

    1. Thank you – I liked your combination of adjectives – So hard to know who we are though which I suppose is the thread of uncertainty in this

  6. Enjoyed this poem. You write very well. Schopenhauer, Marx and dope (dont know about house boats) were all de rigueur at that time. I think the only solution is to collage one’s own world ( I like hues of pink) and leave the real one to those who can handle it:)

    1. Life in the pink sounds good – but I find reality has a nasty habit of turning up when we are not looking 😉 thank you for stopping by with such a nice comment

  7. Glad you wised up an found life a sweeter place after all. (The hippy dream sounds a bit boring the way you describe it!)

  8. “My husband’s friend raised bees and made honey. Apparently, he was always at peace with himself. Perhaps there is still time to join an apiary,” she commented. “Poem is excellent sour to sweet,” she added.

    1. “might get stung” she added “but I like your sweet and sour metaphor – thank you”

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Jules – not easy to piece together a cohesive response from the pieces of collage

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