In the thoracic chamber are two grotesques
narrow pinched features
outward facing like a Medusan mirror
to send shivers down the great Destructor;
this world we know is not benign
and at the turnstile, no earthly bribe
gives entrance to the plush kingdom

Symbolic soul
ugly as sin to begin in the roily water
fashioned it seems by an ambisinister maker
but like the itch of the grit for the pearl
a glass winged ephemerid breaks the surface
fleeing into boundless light

© Laura Granby

Stretched a biological point with dragonfly rather than mayfly species for ‘ephemerid’  but call it poetic licence within the lexiconic choices for today’s  Wordle #117


9 thoughts on “Anima

  1. Those last three lines have really grabbed me, Laura. I can feel the grit and Iove that ‘glass winged ephemerid’ breaking the surface of ‘roily water’ 😊 For some reason, early this morning the list of wordswas missing ‘plush’ but had ‘turnstile’ twice! A plush kingdom sounds heavenly.

    1. Turned almost twice and plush was the hardest fit 😉 thank you for lovely comment as the dragonfly converts – I like the word ‘roily’ now I know it!’

  2. “a glass winged ephemerid breaks the surface/ fleeing into boundless light” Beautiful imagery of a dragonfly’s birth. Great use of the wordle words. I’m all worded out or my comment would be more elegant!

    1. thank you for lovely comment -you gave us a marvellous mix or words to play – ambisinister was a challenging word to find a place for -which I suppose led to the beginning lines and the poetic licence

  3. Amazing write, I really loved the imagery, and I loved imagining the poem as a theatre in my head while reading. I especially loved the ending and this part:”no earthly bribe
    gives entrance to the plush kingdom”

feedback is food for thought....

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