Note to self

birthday shadorma
To find perfect ripeness, catch it (Nguyen)

Midsummer –
seems the sad-eyed Fall
has inched in
year on year
how long ’til we see April
weep buckets of bloom

Fly by night
the waking hours
I recall
still quite young
something like a wilful end
in February

you’ve ages to rock
up from birth
this July
blow the count of candle light
drink in each moment

© Laura Granby 2016

back with a brief birthday shadorma to link up with Poetry Pantry…and up next is my guest collage poetry prompt @ Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie  – give it a go!

27 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. I am detecting a birthday too…and so I will Happy Birthday if it is you Laura!

    Sometimes I feel ‘sad-eyed Fall’ catching up with me, but I am with the poet….I’ll take April weeping its buckets of blooms! Enjoy your day….

    1. thank you Donna – it was a happy day. But the sadness of time passing seems to leak further and further into the seasons so that soon Spring will mourn

  2. Love the imagery throughout, but those last three lines are my absolute favorite….so wise and poignantly worded 🙂

  3. In Sweden there is a saying

    “Summer is the best day of the year”

    Winters are long and it always seems to take forever for spring to arrive but once the sun returns everyone goes outside and just soaks it up like plants

    1. and still we complain that it is too hot, too muggy 29.7 in London yesterday but yes summer is the best of days, though Autumn when it tarries can be gorgeous too

      1. I think all the seasons have their charms. When I lived in a warmer climate autumn was definitely my favorite in the mountains with the leaves changing but in Sweden summer or perhaps late spring are best. This summer has been very warm!

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