The source

In rhythmic turn
the water wheel dips and drips
brushed by the rush of liquids
poured overhead or in downhill
momentum of river and stream

Such constancy of source and motion
do all creators crave
and finding little inspiration in a jug of Adam’s ale
whet appetites on stronger ferments
dilute with distillations of disappointment
or diktats of dreams taken word for word
before the man from Porlock wakes us and we drown*

I hold up my hand and swear
to wear the jester’s hat lest I take too long a sip**
of wistful wine and melancholy medic
the Muse does not knock at the casement
but turns and churns in watery hush
to give the poem voice

© Laura Granby 2016

*could not resist mixing the man from Porlock with Prufrock!
** red and black seedhead of Male Peony known as jester’s hats

Taking inspiration with Nietzsche’s quote: “And who among us poets has not adulterated his wine” from my guest collage for MLMM’s Writing Prompt #169 and joining Marian @ Real Toads’ Tuesday Platform