bright young things

1-P1120312-001_peSizzling saffrons in the window box
brimstone bright, they grow powdery and parched
broadcast loud and shrill a thirst for liquor
orangeade and decadent mists
atomised in drops of clear cut glass

the overblown hang limp and moist
southern ladies in silken lounge ware
draping their charms at the last chance saloon
where even the shapeliest go to seed
rotund as ripe pumpkins

After a summer cloud burst
drenched and quenched they loiter
in the palest of dull, desaturated days
nouveau art of nasturtium adrift in extremis
between overflow and dessication of the dissolute

© Laura Granby 2016

For Tuesday Poetics: Drought or Deluge

17 thoughts on “bright young things

  1. Love the comparison to “southern ladies in silken lounge ware draping their charms at the last chance saloon”!

    1. thank you Kiki – the half blown blooms always remind me of wilting southern belles

  2. Love everything about this piece! Especiall these words: “where even the shapeliest go to seed rotund as ripe pumpkins.” Your imagery and point of view here is wonderful! Love the s sounds in the opening too….I can feel the sizzling!

    1. conjuring the drought in s sounds 😉 – thank you for your comments Lilian -nasturtiums are a gift to the imagination!

  3. Quite interesting, in particular that second verse. 🙂 And I loved both images, one that your poetry paints, and the one you’ve used along with.

  4. “brimstone bright, they grow powdery and parched
    broadcast loud and shrill a thirst for liquor
    orangeade and decadent mists
    atomised in drops of clear cut glass”, I really like the imagery here. They sound like wasted bar patrons, very imaginative

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