July 1904

Dear Mr. Underwood
Rose Cottage…how good
that sounds far from the Strand
London bridge and our grand
old city. Hope you like this card
sending by way of a safeguard
for our usual holiday away at
Margate. Put out the welcome mat
6.15 at the railway
See you Saturday

Yours sincerely
Sidney H.G.

© Laura Granby 2016

I have 3 albums of postcards that my grandfather collected as a boy from 1904-10. This London bridge he would have crossed countless times before it was sold in 1971 & rebuilt in Arizona. He did not finish his postcard to Mr Underwood so I have completed it for Kerry’s poetry challenge: ‘Lets send a postcard’

4 thoughts on “Getaway

  1. I love this – the words, the history behind the card… It seems to open up a window on a story as yet untold.
    Also, my own house goes by the name Rose Cottage!

  2. I LOVE this! Takes me back to the time when written communication was reasonably swift, and the cost not as dear as in these complicated times. Love the postcard too.

    1. old fashioned texts – picture postcards for birthday, Christmas and holiday messages – wrote the poem to fit the space which was a challenge in itself!

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