A good sneeze

“I like to write when I feel spiteful. It is like having a good sneeze”
D. H. Lawrence

But if the proverbial pen has more might than the sword
we who forge words cannot then be so careless

though they come steaming out of the tunnels
in righteous rallying cries
cast in the passionate press of lust
derived from dirty dalliances with the profane
gratuitously grawlixed for impact

iconoclastic comments that claw and spit
at an edifice like cathedral gargoyles
anonymous aphorisms drawn for effect
regardless of affect
pontificating politics fed in byte size crumbs
for the hungry masses to regurgitate
placards of bravado from the moral high ground
taken without a struggle from the silent

a good sneeze requires a handkerchief
for snot is no substitute for ink
and germs surely not the way to spread the word

© Laura Granby 2016

Taking issue with Lawrence,  prompted by MLMM Photo challenge #124 and linking up With Toads 


  1. You’re right of course – and I love the language in which you have said it – yet I do have a sneaking fondness for well-crafted poetic spite, lol. (Other people’s usually; I am not very good at repartee.)


  2. This is an excellent, witty excursion into the realm of words, you depict a kind of indictmentof the bad words that could almost instill the fear of hell.
    I especially admire the final stanza. It carries all the weight of an epigram.

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  3. Social media is showing its short shrift these days, for sure … If the page is the hankie for a sneezed poem, it is a properly private one. These poem is so germane (sorry!) to the time … a pocket jeremiad against “dirty dalliances with the profane / gratuitously grawlixed for impact.” That hawks a big one. Funny how poetry satisfies the deepest immediate physical needs, as a sneeze, or a vowel movement, or a cathartic spasm.


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