Image @MindLovesMisery

in a tangle of axons thoughts under
take a ramble through jungle dense dendrons
there by the bridge I place a lamp, under
lighting nameless forms like moths in a glare
to be catalogued word for word and under
written in the warm wavy undergrowth

I dispel just enough mystery to under
score a coelacanth as chameleon sideshow
sick with greed a heron’s swollen under
belly ruptures in piscatorial plasma, landing a fish
with doe-eyed cony contours and deep in the under
croft a shy, striped ibis steps out of the underworld

In a quandary with MLM’s ‘double choice’ writing prompt #175 but undertook to use, instead of my collage, only her phantasmal animals image which she made here

30 thoughts on “Underworld

    1. your image fired the imagination [and thanks for the deep dream generator link]

      1. The green is how it was previously. It is pink now but Sam does plan to build a kitchen sofa (are they called that in English? The first image has a kitchen sofa which belonged to the former owners and they took it with them obviously. Ours would be a different style but similar concept a bench with a cushion and storage underneath) and it will have soft green cushions so we do plan on incorporating some green into it.

    1. I appreciate learning so much more of poetry with you and DVerse – but are there acrostics? did word slip and repetition to create the under-world

        1. thank you – had to look it up 😉 you’re a veritable dictionary of terms [how/where did you learn it all]

    1. enjambment certainly stops that jarring feeling at the end of a line! thank you OM

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed this poem multiple times now. I find the repetition of “under” (at the end of every other line) to be very effective. I also enjoyed reading about the endangered coelacanth, although I must confess, the striped ibis is my favorite “character” in this piece. The following phrases grab me every go-round: “in a tangle of axons,”
    “jungle dense dendrons,” “chameleon sideshow.”

    Thank you for sharing this piece.

    1. gratifying to find this place actually exists Susie 😉 very nice comment ‘open air zoo of traveling wildlife’ -thank you

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