photoart initiated in  Deep Dream generator

crumble cubes of common sense
ability barnstorms left handed over right
brain squaring up – superstitious cub devil
may care less for the birds than pillars of salt

mine the look back generation cooing in the hereafter
words fall sleepily lest they rest night lightly
dark burrowed brows like weevils furrowing bread
crumbs of comfort cast before cloven hoof and claw

hammer is clamour is mumbled murmuration
tickle childhooded flights of feathered fancy
dressed Sunday best lest between ourselves we’re left
speechless in bird tongue soup

unseemly it seems if seams are seen
to crumble

“to be truly cubist we also need to break the pieces apart. We have to show the borders between the perspectives and refrain from blurring the edges…Write several poems where you look at the object from different perspective”
Björn certainly raised the bar with his challenge ‘meeting the bar as a cubist poet‘.  It is remarkably difficult to avoid meaningful narrative. Rather than revisiting with each stanza, I’ve aimed to glue the poem(s) together again with slippage and cross-reference, adding a light touch of  [raised eyebrows] Gertrude Stein‘s fondness for repetitive sound rhymes.

Also adding these few crumbs to Poetry Pantry