Out of the blue

photoart derived from dylan free wallpaper

so you’ve made the noble echelons of poet
those shotgun lyrics went from fast to loose
free wheelin’ at the Welsh bard’s born again début
still harping on old protest sounds so new
guess you found them tangled up in blue

dazzling dandy sniffing round hell’s kitchen
with a long tall Sally smokin’ out your eyes
did you know what music she was really in to
when she fired up all Durango running through
left you feeling tangled up in blue

guitar nights that smell of Spanish leather
from Mobile to El Paso troubadour
cards upon the table, an ace stuck in your shoe
finger lickin’ Lily has melted her tattoo
mixing with the colours and tangled up in blue

gospel songs of blondes upon the pillow
brass bed Christmas jingles in your head
it wasn’t really clear where one had gotten two
when and why and who could misconstrue
the love that gets so tangled up in blue

many times a rhyme has changed its rhythm
diamond decade blistering in the sun
they say the devil’s calling for a soul long overdue
keep blowing that long cloud right on to xanadu
’til your ashes are all tangled up in blue

Mixing up some lyrics and giving a nod to ‘Tangled up in blue‘ as I prop up the bar for the DVerse prompt to: Bob Dylan

23 Comments on “Out of the blue

  1. I totally agree with Bjorn and Victoria on this…the snarky tone, and 2nd person…diamond decade blistering in the sun….perfect.


  2. I love the tone as well, the disbelieving scoff, as if you didn’t know all tangled up in blue. Great work.


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