a second space age

my photoart: small world 3
The optimum population is modelled on the iceberg- eight-ninths below the water line, one-ninth above
” – Huxley- Brave New World

What is to come
as in what is the becoming of us

the whirring world grits its teeth
in the fly wheel – bare fanged
elements deflect with fur and silver foil
before our eyes populations
pop and
p olariz e

into a tail spin

narcissists are all dead-heading echo systems
come and meet disaster at anarchy’s triumphal arch
fecund to the core burrowing masses penetrate
a black and worm holed Janus looks beyond
witness s p a c e  whip up a premier league of sales

Oh age of momentous miniaturisation
small is the new orange

Björn challenges us to venture into concrete poetry, to abolish syntax, use onomatopoeia, metrical dissociation (free verse), and compress writing without lyricism – for Meeting the Bar with Futurism