the hanged man

Blow me a kiss
and demonstrate which of the four
you’ve chosen
I’ll bide until this rope stops turning
faithless lover
but what you stole I minded most
becalmed now
Westward your face hangs agape
watch a traitor
dwindle to the horizon – free from guilt

Gibbets were often placed at cross roads “pour encourager les autres”

In ten lines or less for the Sunday mini: The Crossroads

20 Comments on “the hanged man

  1. The image of the gibbet at the crossroads is especially powerful in this short poem. Your imagery is stark and haunting.


  2. Very thought-provoking, and the image is a perfect match for the poem. The words are so powerful — “what you stole I minded most” and “watch a traitor … free from guilt” — wow!


  3. I’m glad I didn’t live in times when one could see such sights!


  4. I love the persepctive of this poem – from the eyes of a hanged man – and the way you’ve used the Tarot a way into the prompt. I love the lines:
    ‘I’ll bide until this rope stops turning
    faithless lover’
    so passionate and bitter, coming from the gibbet!


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