the pace maker

Now is an ephemeral vanishing act
a momentary lapse
in repetition
in continuum until -
some times subliminal
others times tardy or all of a rush
like landscapes in contrapuntal rhythm
to the moving train

irrepressible momentum
constancy the pace maker
free wheel
the chubby clock face with its implied smile
hands that arc an oroboris puzzling both ends

grain blows like sands
sands fall by the grain
drift downwind to other dunes
pendulum rocks the cradle
weans babies from the breast
leaves us memories vague as childhood
only the stopped watchers see
oh my dears - I miss you all - now

Not all that prompt but joining Lilian’s prompt: It’s all in the timing

15 thoughts on “the pace maker

      1. You’re most welcome. What are you doing up at this hour? I’ve been to bed once and got up again. Think the full moon’s got inside my head.

        1. I have an owl in mine – just adjusting my feather bed now – good night time!

    1. Interesting concept of time when we move through space faster than a ticking clock

  1. Laura, your poetry always touches a chord in me. You have a well-developed style, and means of expressing yourself which I truly admire.
    This poem sets the melancholy tone while introducing startling and unique images. I love the way you wrapped it up.

  2. Such beauty in your thoughts and words…a slowness to them as if trying to slow time…and yet we can’t. I think this holiday season, memories of these we’ve lost, those who have died, or children who now have children of their own and fill little stockings in their home far away from ours….all these memories seem for me to converge in this season. Our Christmas tree is a “memory tree.” Each ornament, some from my parents’ childhood, some from aunts and uncles no longer with us, some handmade….I can tell you the story of each and it is such a joyful and wistful time when I decorate each year.
    Thank you so much for posting this….it is heartfelt and beautiful.

  3. grain blows like sands
    sands fall by the grain
    drift downwind to other dunes”

    Time… I used to live by Lake Michigan dunes… moved away and came back … 15 years later and they had been blocked off from the public – had changed and moved. I as shocked. Using the grain and sands really worked for me. It seems like they will remain forever, indestructible – but actually surprise us as they really do shift and change – without us seeing it happening….

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