Love nest

photoart and poem – ©2017 Laura Granby

A kind heart is the hardest thing to keep;
besides the bird that beats and flutters to the left
a gaping hole appears – sickly self-centred it fills
with timely knocks and scrapes and falls and foolishness
each tear rolling more bitterly than the last
like acid rain so that even laughter
loses its tender touch

But pity is a gift not for squandering on self
and eyes have depth perception meant for looking out
to see the inwardness of other -where gaze can be caught
more easily in the tangled branches of love

from agape to amour our amicable arms reach
to hold and enfold – the bird thatching a perennial nest
soft centred sacrifice of feathered breast
made fit for heaven

Lilian’s poetics prompt implores us to ‘Have a Heart

18 thoughts on “Love nest

    1. Glad you picked up the rhythm of the heart here – though it does skip beats as well

    1. It flew in quite unannounced Kerry – and agree that it makes a full hearted presence to the poem 🙂

    1. Surprised myself with this upbeat turn! Ends hopefully because there is hope for humankind with kindness!

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