A Summer fête

Palloncino for bambino*
crowds push tighter into packs
purses strain with purchasing
cold drinks – hot dogs – fruit squash –
a dainty dachshund yelps below
silenced by a fallen ice-cream cone
buggy tied with blue balloons
hypnotises baby by the sway
mother wishes she could fly

Palloncino = balloon (ital). Summer Festival of Our Lady of Carmel, Clerkenwell, London for the Quadrille # 44

19 thoughts on “A Summer fête

    1. Lovely comment! Colourful compact crowds and in their midst a balloon seller 🙂

    1. Yes indeed – she has the same longing as the balloons for the great blue yonder above!

    1. Thank you Beckie for querying pushchairs = strollers or sometimes buggies and am changing that line as that fit better

feedback is food for thought....

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