the jolly Jonquil blues

Domesticated daffs so chidingly cheerful
shock of the new in a melting landscape
a weepy film indeed for impressionable eyes

Bold brimstone drifts and sexed up yellow
massed bands of trumpeting brass heads
tally-hoing happiness like fox to the hounds

Now in this spongy springiness of season
I feel a pop-bang bounce of enthusiasm
fizzle up with dampened pyrotechnics

Rampant Lenten lilies along solipsistic ways*
dumb-struck blondes of melancholia
resurrect our spirits til death on Easter day

A wealth of mellow is rightful heir to April
sallow shades and primrose, scant sun spotted celandine
vanquished by hyacinth carillons summoning the blues

*Native wild daffodil or  Narcissus pseudonarcissus – fabled to perish at Easter – see Housman’s poem: The Lent Lily

Bringing some mood colour clashes to a very late meeting at the bar which opened early last Thursday with  Irony so tailing in with Open Link Night #193

17 Comments on “the jolly Jonquil blues

  1. A wondrous way to honour spring…bounces along as the title suggests it it’s gone all chilly again and I wonder if winter has really passed.


    • so true but the sight of daffs gives me the blues – they seem to jolly me along too fast for the change of season – perhaps you are transitioning better north of the border 😉


  2. this was a beautiful read out loud poem Laura – I felt the bounce in your words, bobbing along the lines and dipping with graceful beauty. Spring brings out the best in everyone it seems!


  3. A nice description of spring colors. I liked the description of Lenten lilies as solipsistic, dumb-struck and blondes of melancholia.


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