Out of the fog and smoke of Prague
they summoned  a shapeless mass
from ducts of bile
veins where streets of spilled blood ran
nerve thin alleys of the ghetto
a being strong as scapegoat fear
tended by prayer and spells for breath

Awestruck was the rabbi
blood libels faded into background
silent were the parallel people of the town
but when neither please nor Elders’ edicts
brought their behemoth to heel
the Golem’s Truth became death*

*In one mythology the Golem is brought to life with the hebrew word ‘Emet’ (truth) written in ashes on its forehead and could only be disabled by rubbing out the first letter so that it read Met (death) – Jewish Virtual Library

Joining Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie for Wordle #158

9 thoughts on “Golem

  1. Fabulous alchemy here, Laura. Specially like this line: ‘nerve thin alleys of the ghetto’. Have you seen those early movie clips of the Golem – probably on YouTube.

    1. have seen old B&W movie Tish and read Meyrink’s alchemical book several times over – seems he and I discovered Kabbalah and cannabis though not in the same era 😛

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