Rose parings

rose parings poem & photoart- © 2017 – Laura Granby

Buds  in bullet cases
Rat-a-tat summer showers
Fire powder pinks at impregnable bowers

Immaculate roses white as spite
Prettiest of piercing thugs
Blush with glee in grasping hugs

Petal perfect in their skin
Fleshing out the orange stain
Giddy gilt of cheap champagne

A florist’s roadside roserie
Wishes wired on yellowing stems
Infidelity’s mayhem

And me a rosy old romantic
Mementoes of some full blown lover
Pressed within a bible cover

One-handedly dug out from the drafts as August finally puts on some sunshine here (whilst am also very mindful that Texas is suffering post-Harvey hurricane now) and joining up with others in Poetry Pantry #368 


22 Comments on “Rose parings

  1. I love your use of rhymes in this poem…the way you describe the roses as something more than just flowers – excellent….


  2. I so love roses, of course I also love this celebration of their beautiful diversity


  3. “Buds in bullet cases / Rat-a-tat summer showers”…They do show up like this. Love the flower poem till its end when it’s a memory, “Pressed within a bible cover”…So beautifully penned Laura.


  4. Impregnable, Immaculate, and giddy … the romantic leanings of flowers! I too have a few, and occasionally renew! Beautiful.


  5. Always love your descriptive lines and what one finds pressed between the pages of a book….was out of town on Sunday to help move my niece into University an hour from us so was not present for Poetry Pantry….but didn’t want to miss your poem when I saw it in my email.


  6. Wonderful work on rhyme here, Laura!❤️ Especially love; “Immaculate roses white as spite. Prettiest of piercing thugs. Blush with glee in grasping hugs.”❤️


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