Eye candy

autumn crocus photoart
photoart & poem – © 2017 Laura Granby

autumn crocus mixes up a muddle of metaphor
for the epithet is more vernal than Michaelmas
as Liliales by birth, the flower too is misconstrued

true to form six purple petals spring devoid of  foliage
aged in the corm each cupola tips the balance of its ivory tube
bella donnas binding with briars against an October gale

allegedly dames sans chemise and alien escapees
esteemed by monastery; meadow saffron though a home-grown poison
only a fabulous feasting for eyes in an emptying season

Note: Colchicum autumnale is Meadow Saffron and often confused with the other ‘naked lady’ Crocus nudiflorus – and different again from autumn flowering crocuses

In the imaginary garden, Kerry invites up to 12 lines of Micro Poetry with the reference: “Binding with briars“- and though poisonous am offering this too for the Poetry Pantry