November now

photoart & poem - november now
photoart & poem – ©2017 Laura Granby

Now the calendar has turned about face
grudgingly I give the penultimate nod to November
scenic layers of litter in umber tones for an umbral burial
the earth moulders – inert in stone cold wormholes
though songbird throats are warming up some melodies

my own throat narrows in panic at this headlong hurtle of a pace
hands close over the marled and mindful meditation stone
smooth as toffee but without its mid-summer glimmer
the coruscation that urged me to lift it from layers of beach litter
– after all it is November now

Choosing one of Angie’s 4-word set: November – layers – stone -throat – for the Get Listed November Edition
and also am joining forces with dVerse where Grace features two November poems in Open Link Night #207

52 thoughts on “November now

  1. You too have chosen the November list! And what a wonderful poem you have woven the words into, Laura. You’ve captured that November feeling and I love the lines:
    ‘scenic layers of litter in umber tones for an umbral burial
    the earth moulders – inert in stone cold wormholes
    though songbird throats are warming up some melodies’.

        1. nothing shines brighter than a birth at this time of year – seals think so too!

    1. yes here we are Marian – and I have figured out how to follow your blog in the WP reader too 🙂

  2. Laura, I’m sucked in by the o, o, o’s…the umbral tones, the nearness to the earth with the words you’ve chosen. Assonance and clarity really shine here. Thanks for participating and making something beautiful out of bare bones.

    1. oh how observant – had not noticed the Os – they popped out of your bones – thank you Angie!

    1. pebbles seem to loose their polish away from the seashore yet I always take one home! thank you Sanaa for such a sweet comment

  3. Another November prompt! You wove these words together beautifully…”the earth moulders – inert in stone cold wormholes…” – excellent!

    1. not at all Bjorn – my moods struggle with this penultimate month when the shine starts to go

    1. spot on Susie – and panic sets in when the year seems to ring the changes so rapidly

  4. Yes, I’m definitely letting go. The “scenic layers of litter in umber tones” claim their rightful place now, and it’s OK. The snow and bright berries will come next, and then a steady, slow melting toward spring. It’s all part of the plan–as dark as November and December can be.

      1. I’m still waiting for the leaves to just let go and come on down so we can move this thing along. Around here, leaves are still green : ) Hi Laura, lovely to meet you. Love your poem:)

        1. and hello to you too – thanks for finding me so I can follow you! Sounds like you are in an Indian Summer which is both bonus and Damocles sword

  5. The days whirl away and make us mindful of our limited time especially as the seasons are less kind now so we seek comfort in those reminders of warmer friendlier times. Beautifully penned.

    1. I think you have hit on another aspect of this time of year – not so much the looking back as the seeing forward to harsher times ahead

    1. thank you Sarah – am going reluctantly with the flow – like a leaf caught in November rains and heading for the drain 😉

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