Miss An Thrope

photoart & poem – ©2018 -Laura Granby

almost abstract
conceptual but definitive
meaning much to trendy time tickers
modern carries the numinous shout of NOW
fashion dispatched to the Zeitgeist zone
keeping up is hip, hot, cool,
current words ebb and flow with modernity
sub-text of inter-generational lines
shot like bullet points from trend setters
for us to mouth in a crowd
moo, baa, humbug

blink and you will miss the meaning
even then, I let the others go, following forward
happy to let my lexicon trail weed-like in water
it’s not just frailty that leaves me there

As always am behind the times with Elizabeth’s Ladies in Waiting prompt #28 Modern – and even getting a little stale on the shelf for today’s Poetry Pantry

22 thoughts on “Miss An Thrope

  1. I think that is one of the gifts of aging. One can step back and realize a great deal of the foolishness involved in keeping up with the ‘times’. As well as the ability to say it aloud. I like your poem Laura…


    1. only the brave of youth swim against the tide – especially now with the hegemony of social media. I liked your prompt Elizabeth – thank you

    1. its good to know what parts of a poem resonate – this kind of feedback is really appreciated Rosemary

  2. Ha – blink and you will miss something – I fear I have missed many things. Smiles. I like your reflection here and realize I am more into comfort than ‘modern.’ LOL.

  3. and when I feel lost, my lexicon trail heads to the urban dictionary.

    Where I sometimes wish I could unsee the new meaning of a familiar word. Teabag for an icky example.

feedback is food for thought....

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