photoart & poem - Anthriscus
photoart & poem – ©2018 – Laura Granby

Quite simply my intention was to write
effusively today, perhaps spurred to superfluity
in flashbacks of pre-natal elation; there’s nausea in nascency
and I’m loath to froth over in over-expressive
Glory Be’s and Odes but the wildest of wildflowers
drives to excess, to lanes chock full to the milky brim
late May days still peppered with fragrant aniseed
cherished chervil memories of walks to the high verges
new creamy calves lying low in cow parsley
and another kind of nativity set in motion
fashioning a name from Queen Anne’s lace
my daughter!

Anthriscus sylvestris – white umbelliferous perennial of the Carrot family – common names include wild chervil, hedge parsley, cow parsley, Queen Anne’s lace

It’s that time of year and a final flower(y) poem for May to add to the diverse  Thursday link up