an uneasy trio

“There is a human wildness held beneath the skin that finds all barriers brutishly unbearable

~ Jim Harrison ~Songs of Unreason
The mind is a jealous god
cognizant with all its human limitations
detects them as detestable shades of incarceration
a castaway on an island of blood and dust
at times it denies there even is such an embodiment
calls itself Ariel and takes wild flights of fancy
losing its wayward way back to asylum
so that even the island begins to sink

mostly though consciousness computes and calculates
takes track of time by counting  constellations
grains of sand and caring for the island
enough to keep itself honed to the hilt
and all the while it cannot help but harbour envy
for the Other - the resident without tether
the ethereal superior that vaunts the heavens
but when mind mirrors such ecstasies with verse
and rhyme, the island begins to sing

Pursuant to Jilly’s pick of Jim Harrison quotes as poetry prompt on Day 26 of 28 Days of Unreason