“It is life’s work to recognize the mystery of the obvious”

Jim Harrison ~ Songs of Unreason
Why is the obvious only obvious to some?
and if so can it then be called obvious?
surely there should be no confusion- yet there is
so can we allow for mist descending in plain sight
cloth-heading some in misunderstanding

Is the self-evident only a state of mind?
(I've tried discernible in plain speaking, it's so unedifying
and who can resist reaching for Thesaurean obscurities?)
I wonder though, do we dig too deep into consciousness
side- stepping the visible as though it were a blind
the patient mis-directed to hidden depths of shallowness

Is God the atomic cement of our world?
And can that Divinity be divined with words in one hand
meanings in the other - as from the first moment
when Adam heard the questioning voice?

Oh so many questions since then to tease ourselves with
yet there is something uncanny  that lurks
in the most urbane of words
- try for example repeating 'bench' over and over
(quite spontaneously I would parrot thus as a child)
and as the repetitions roll like surf on shingle
solidity vanishes to infinity, the meaning a detached retina
with a sink hole suddenly agape in the lexiconic universe

And so Mr Jim Harrison perhaps life's work could be better spent
undoubtedly you've left us now, and and left us a legacy
such thought-pricking Songs of Unreason, like zen koans
to blind-side the mind and knock us into a dimension
where what is obvious is evidently the most mysterious of all

the final of Jilly’s pick of Jim Harrison quotes for poetry prompt on Day 28 of 28 Days of Unreason. And since it’s Thursday am joining other dVersers for Open Link Night