Walk this way

Deserted at the weekend, the city of London offers a maze of streets and corridors to wander along without meeting many people. This covered walkway has the atmosphere of a cloister but it is a pathway to offices and a restaurant

See this week’s lens artist’s photo challenge: Path



8 Comments on “Walk this way

  1. Beautiful choice Laura. I thought at first it was one of my favorite buildings in downtown Charleston but then saw it’s in London. I’m sure ours is a copy 😊


    • only yesterday my husband and I were talking about Charleston so there’s synchronicity for you – further research shows this area was the town house of the Abbots of St. Albans, prior to the dissolution of the monasteries in 16th centruy
      – thanks for hosting this week Tina


  2. I like the austere lines of this photo, Laura, and the ambiguity of a grand arcade that appears to lead nowhere, though have to admit that was not the first reaction on reading the title before seeing the post. ‘Walk this way’ inevitably conjures in my mind Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein.


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