A word to the unwise

“We’ll know as children again all that we are
destined to know, that the water is cold
and deep, and the sun penetrates only so far”

~ Jim Harrison from Death Again

all ingénues should wise up quickly to the fast lane
be given provincial driving plates perhaps
let the hecklers and harassers pass us by
yet tenderfoots swerve into on-coming come-ons too
silver-tongued traps for fools catch as catch can
tangled up in words we barely comprehend
reciting conceits like catechisms

it really is pathetic – a hotch-potch of pathos
and a resounding slap in the face
tears are wasted though on those who dream
of elsewhere – the Eden grabbers
white-knuckled we cling on regardless
wilfully unwise to the ways the world
must, perforce, twist the banished into shape

For the Tuesday Platform, I’m resurrecting one from the drafts folder –
one that did not quite make the grade at June time with Jilly’s prompts of Harrison quotes