Londonscape (2)

St Paul’s cathedral has quite often been the subject for my camera but I particularly liked this view with its zig-zagging pedestrians.To and fro across the Millennium Bridge from Tate Modern, the art enthusiast becomes a pilgrim and vice versa. I wonder which is more enlightening – but aside from philosophical considerations, St Paul’s is winner in terms of panoramas. Visitors can climb Tate Modern viewing level or go higher still up into the dome of St Paul’s. It depends on how close to heaven one wants to reach or perhaps how much stamina and fewer phobias one has.

For Visitors:
Viewing level at Tate Modern
Climb the dome of St Pauls

Photo series capturing London before I leave it for pastures new in March

4 Comments on “Londonscape (2)

  1. May I suggest a small crop on the left hand side of the photo to lose the street light on the skyline.


    • Funny you you suggest that as considered that crop a few times – it is a bit distracting but better still I could have tried some Lightroom ‘healing’


  2. London has always been on my list, but you make it more pressing with the links. The thing that catches my eye in the photo is the contrasts between the straight geometricals and the rounded spots – dome, hats, railings on the bridge.


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