Taking a tour of Henry Moore

As photographers we are always aiming to capture depth in our flattened camera views and by way of refreshing my memory, a re-visit to Tate Britain and the tour of Henry Moore sculptures makes the three dimensional loud and clear.

“Having satisfied the requirements of practical necessity, most people go no further. Though they may attain considerable accuracy in the perception of flat form, they do not make the further intellectual and emotional effort needed to comprehend form in its full spatial existence”. Henry Moore speaks

Joining Debbi in her Six Word (titular) Saturday

18 Comments on “Taking a tour of Henry Moore

  1. So well done. Love the second shot especially. Very difficult to capture that subtle form, I’m sure.


  2. Agree with Tish here – the human element really makes this 2nd picture. Art within art.


  3. Oh my! I glanced at these and thought… “I’ve seen this movie!” How wonderfully you have shattered reality and perspective, Laura.


    • I think you have nailed the ethos of Moore – to shatter perspective is not the same as personifying alienation. Talking of films you might like this rather shaky BBC archive of Henry Moore – its in B&W!


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