She stoops to conquer

solo in the side gallery
a euphoric couple look upon art
as mise-en-scène, fabulous walls
framing a subtly placed contrivance
– his regard for art superimposed
with a duplicitous critic’s eye
she takes surreptitious glances
considers upcoming nuptials
the spark to blind his singular prejudice

Apologies to Mr Goldsmith and different word ways of looking at De’s theme: Up

29 Comments on “She stoops to conquer

  1. I call that knowing, “the wolf’s eyelash”, learned from Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Those who ignore it ignore it at their own risk…


  2. I love this poem! The couple of different perspectives, where she has to compete with his first love…Art!


  3. Clever use of “up” words. It is foolish of her to think she can blind or change his ways.


  4. “”…the spark to blind his singular prejudice.” I’m still thinkin’ about that. Silly girl!


  5. Euphoric indeed – and perhaps not realistic. Love the portrait here and they way you’ve played with up.


  6. This is absolutely brilliant, Laura! ❤️ I love her “surreptitious glances” and secretly hope for “the spark to blind his singular prejudice. 🙂


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