POM: July 2019

No escape for these landlocked boats in chains though I did manage a brief summer getaway to North Wales where weather-wise it rained every day but broke into sunshine most afternoons for some welcome beach time. [taken with my trusty Ricoh CX3 at the risk of sand jam].

And I liked Tish’s comment below so much I gave it a go…

Pick of the Month: Marking the passing of the month with one photo though not always saving the best till last.

9 thoughts on “POM: July 2019

  1. the subtle shades of sea-blue and sand hue. This is lovely, Laura. Can also see it reduced to quite an abstract image – the zig and zag of sea wall, shore and boat chains, against the colour blocks of ivory, ochres and blue.

  2. Nice one, Laura 🙂 The boat chain draws you into the scene in the new version, and the little upright boat is almost looking ready to set sail now.

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