Two take on a quote

Life on flat land is too easy for a lazy heart.
Charley Lyman ~ Life in Portofino ~ made this comment on my blog which inspired us to write these poems in response

Adventures with a lazy heart ~ Laura Bloomsbury

Blind at first, in a haze of love laziness
sweetly swooning and prone to the horizontal
taking tumbles into a Midsummer night’s dream*
a spellbound fairy queen, lovely fool
of the sylvan scene, more ass head
than the well-beloved – those donkeys
braying balefully for fresher blood

Then full haste to a heterotopian haven
past the headland of hiatus, headlong into frothing
tossing seas, taking up arms with plundering pirates
and sea-legged as sailors in every Northern port of call
my body keel-hauled, I walked the plank and sank
through a tangled duct of valves and ventricles

Inside the chamber of the heart, in a pulsing play
the well-met by moonlight* joined head
and hands with mine, for an every day scramble
months of mountaineering and the uphill, years-long
struggle at the crossroads, decisions of direction
and riddles as prompt from an existential Sphinx
– until the beating stopped

*converse of Oberon’s speech to Titania in Shakespeare’s’ Midsummer Nights Dream

One of the More Unsettling Aspects of Human Geography -Charley Lyman

Oh, God, save me from the topography of ease!
How can love grow on straightaways? Accelerating
only. Never braking, upshifting, taking the corners —
never, never, never climbing the grade, reaching
a summit to fly recklessly down. Slight, rolling,
almost imperceptible undulations of emotional
entanglement; yet not tangled for you and I travel
in the same, unimaginably predictable direction,
and we become complacent, secure in our love.

Life on flat land is too easy for a lazy heart.

with thanks to Charley @ Life in Portofino for the inspirational quote and the pleasant surprise at seeing how differently we see things

15 thoughts on “Two take on a quote

  1. Laura, pure brilliance! I am partial to your offering (only in part because it didn’t originate inside my addled bucket), and truly enjoyed the play of Midsummer’s madness.

    I cannot find the reblog button. Help me, Laurawon, you’re our only hope!

    1. Hi Charley – without that erudite and obscure enough prompt I could never have adventured thus. Besides your poem took off on such a high speed highway from the ‘topography of ease’ that I followed in the draft – struggling to keep up at times and hence it became a sort of dream!
      p.s. And just for you I have allowed the re-blog button

  2. Can’t even begin to describe the visuals this set off in my head. If only I could print them. Or transfer them to my camera 🙂

  3. What fun – collaboration is a good thing. Your poem went galloping along, then Charleys’ allowed things to settle down. And I see over to the right that you’re going to NZ soon – wow, lucky you! I can’t wait to hear about it. 🙂

    1. excellent feedback and observations – Charley set the pace but unlike his armchair meanderings, I could only take off
      p.s. yes am really starting to look forward to it now that Christmas and New Year distractions are gone

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